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About Me

I have worked on and off for many years as an independent graphic designer to create brands for big and small clients.


For several years I have been in charge of a historical location ideally suited for events. Being an event addict, I took the chance to broaden my horizons and organise exhibitions, concerts and readings. Organising TEDxTalks can be seen as one of my passions.


I like to gather and connect people, or give them a stage, not only as a creative but also to support togetherness.


My hunger for art will never stop. The exhibitions I organise are mainly for and with upcoming artists. I like to give them a platform so they can expose themselves.


What other people think of me? 'Creative, busy bee, joyful, driven, dog women and traveler'. Yes I like to explore. And I hope many years will come my way to do so. Try me!


T +32 495 25 20 42


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